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Winners of the Lampa film festival 2020 announced


On 6 October, the star members of the LAMPA Film Festival jury, along with directors and heroes from France, the UK, Germany, Syria, Australia, the Philippines, India and China, lit up the bright lights of LAMPA all over the world!

"People are like lamps: some shine with a bright flash of their talent, while others light the way in the darkness like a beacon. The more of us, the brighter we shine, the brighter our world becomes," Jana Poplavskaya, chairman of the film festival jury, opened the awards ceremony with these words

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Documentary and feature short films, social videos and advertisements raise questions about what shapes everyone's values, what motivates them to solve social problems and support their neighbours, and why volunteering and charity are the norm of life.

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If you make films as an amateurish or professional director, help people as part of a public organisation or alone, implement socially responsible programmes in a business company, shoot a blog on a social topic or... just like good films — the LAMPA is waiting for you!