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LAMPA Film Festival announced the winners in Perm


Photo: Evgeny Votintsev

From October 5 to 8, Perm city hosted the anniversary of the International Film Festival "LAMPA". Every year the festival surprises and inspires people with its bright events, and this year was no exception – the multidirectional program of "LAMPA" presented both traditional and new formats of activities. During four festival days residents and guests of the city visited 12 festival screenings and 5 non-competitive ones, 5 discussions and workshops, 2 master classes and 6 other events of a unique format. This year the International Film Festival "LAMPA" has become a part of the event program dedicated to the 300th anniversary of Perm.

The directors, actors, jury members, festival ambassadors and invited guests took part in the festival screenings. After watching short films, the audience had an opportunity to take part in discussions and engage in conversations with the actors of films, and the directors had an opportunity to reveal the meanings of their stories in detail.

Anton Bogdanov, the ambassador of "LAMPA", said: "Ten years ago, the light of our "LAMPA" was lit around the world. And ten years later we remain the first and the only festival of impact cinema – socially oriented short films, videos and social advertising. "LAMPA" really affects and changes people's lives for the better!"

As a part of the business program of the festival, for the first time on the site of "LAMPA" an open dialogue of industry, business and government took place. Media experts, well-known brands, representatives of the third sector and the government discussed the benefits of investing in impact cinema, as well as recommendations for brands that are already ready to invest in socially important films. The speakers unanimously agreed to consider the festival site of "LAMPA" as a place for practical and educational programs for representatives of the industry, business and government, where everyone could see each other's resources, talk about their pain points, take new opportunities and realize the prospects, including ones in the new tracks of the impact industry.

Of particular interest to the attendees of the festival was the platform about artificial intelligence in socially significant cinema. The experts of the platform were Elena Shanovich – academician of the Academy of Russian Television, art director of “STS” TV channel, director of brand management at “NMG” and head of “NMG-design”, Anna Semenikhina – executive producer of “Agenda Media Group”, and Evgenia Podobreevskaya – head of external communications for social advertising at ANO "IRI". They talked about what AI can give to impact cinema: improvement of methods of efficiency evaluation or identification of social problems and formulation of social tasks.

The program for young participants of the festival "LAMPA" brought genuine delight to parents and children. Viewing and discussion of kind family movies, shooting social videos with the festival's ambassadors, enjoying master classes with leading cartoonists and inspiring interactive activities with the instructors of the “New City “Friendly”" film camp left no one indifferent.

In the cozy chamber atmosphere of the Night Screening there was a premiere from the LAMPA Production Center – a short film "Thirty Seconds" directed by Ivan Sosnin. The film raises the problem of helping parents with children who have cancer – because these children need the positive energy from their parents more than medication. The screening was attended by the author of the idea of the movie Olga Zubkova, producer of the movie, trustee of the charity fund "Give a Gift" Julia Kuzyaeva, head of the charity fund "Give a Gift" Larisa Bezverbnaya and actors who played the main roles: Sergey Gilev, Olga Lerman.

Also, this year a special nomination established jointly with the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in the Russian Federation was screened at the festival. The audience got acquainted with the difficult stories of people forced to leave their homes and seek happiness in a foreign land.

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