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Short films from the "Lampa" film festival will be broadcast on venezuelan television


Throughout the year 2021, South Americans will be able to watch short films with a social focus at the LAMPA International Film Festival.

The programme includes 8 inspiring stories about social activists, volunteers and philanthropists, made by professional directors and representatives of amateur studios from Russia, the UK, India and China. All the films deal with socially significant topics: volunteering, charity, environment, sustainable development, inclusion.

Directors from professional and amateur studios, newcomers to filmmaking and winners of major film festivals all submitted vivid and heartfelt works to the jury. A total of 847 entries from 93 countries were received during the 2020 submission campaign. The pandemic has not become a hindrance to the production of life-affirming films. Almost all of the films motivate viewers to see their limitless potential to positively transform the world.

The winners of the LAMPA Film Festival will be broadcast in Venezuela and other South American countries by TLT, a public television channel specialising in cultural and sports content. The Venezuelan-Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry was a partner in the screening.


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