Projects of the notebook of friendship association were highly appreciated by the un board members ❘ Новости проекта «ЛАМПА»

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Projects of the notebook of friendship association were highly appreciated by the un board members


December 19, 2019, Mrs.Tatiana Valovaya, Director-General of the United Nations Office at Geneva met with Mrs.Olga Zubkova, President of the National Association for Education Development “Notebook of Friendship”, director-general of the International Centre for Social Innovations “Vector of Friendship”, and producer of the LAMPA International Film Festival.

The parties summed up the results of 10 years of cooperation and determined the prospects for partnership in order to promote the theme of inclusion at the international level and organise LAMPA International Film Festival Retrospectives.

In particular, Mrs.Tatiana Valovaya noted the relevance of the #INFOCUS Forum (previously called #INFOCUS Conference) as an annual international platform for sharing effective technologies and practices to build the inclusive environment. The importance of holding the LAMPA International Film Festival Retrospective at the United Nations Office in 2020, containing the media content dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the Victory in World War II and the role of Russia in this historic event, was highlighted within the meeting. For building a larger-scale cinematographic platform at the UN Office, Mrs.Tatiana Valovaya suggested to invite Permanent Missions of the former Soviet republics to the to the United Nations in Geneva to organise the event.

Summing up the meeting, Mrs.Tatiana Valovaya expressed her intention to fully support the international programmes of the “Notebook of Friendship” Association and the “Vector of Friendship” International Centre aimed at developing public diplomacy and promoting Sustainable Development Goals.


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