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LAMPA films about the diversity of cultures, languages, stories and experiences of people


Photo: Photo from the film “Yello”

Today, on the occasion of World Refugee Day, we have prepared a selection of films about forced displacement and about the diversity of cultures, languages, stories and experiences of people.

It is important to remember that everyone has the right to be protected and respected, regardless of their nationality, religion or origin.

The films that we present today together with the UN Refugee Agency will allow you to better understand the difficulties and challenges faced by people who had to leave their homes and start life in a new place.

Let's open our hearts together and be kind to each other!

«The Forgotten», Tareq Baddar

Refugee camps near the shore, miserable housing conditions, scattered tents, and people who are forgotten. A place where time freezes and awaits for emptiness. They ran away from humiliation in their country to an unknown fate. The Rohingya refugees between two fires: the horrific actions by the government of Burma or the wretched conditions of the tents in Bangladesh. One of the largest mass migrations in history towards camps that are piled up with poverty, diseases, and non-stop violations of basic human rights.

«Toy», Rita Shagray

War is the worst thing that could happen to anyone, but for a child it is a devastating tragedy. The pain of losing the closest people and trying to survive in a bloody dispute between adults is what remains with a small person throughout life.

Three kids are immersed into the chaos of war. All three lose their parents, one of them is a teenage girl, she doesn’t abandon the other kids in trouble and attempts to rescue them. The kids and their young carer take dangerous and difficult roads. They have one toy - a battered hare who sometimes sees things that children's eyes shouldn't see.

«Give it back!», Ruchama Ehrenhalt

Olivia just moved to Israel from New York. She's new at school. On her first day at school, she finds herself surrounded by new peers. The girl is facing various problems in a new country where she has just moved.

«A winner», Mehdi Mahaei

This film is about the story of a female filmmaker who lives and works in her mother's greenhouse. After her film gets selected in a reputable festival abroad, she is faced with problems leaving the country.

«Zohal», Nasrin Mohammadpour

Zohal is a 12-year-old Afghan girl. She is subjected to early marriage.

As defined by UNICEF, child marriage is a truly global problem that exists throughout countries, cultures, religions and ethnicities.

So far, over 650 million people have married at an early age, resulting in various harm, including dangerous pregnancies, AIDS, domestic violence, and so on. The country of Afghanistan has the highest rates of child marriage in South Asia.

«Inside we`re all the same», Dr. Ruth Behar

The leading doctors of the orthopedic trauma department at Hadassah Ein Karem University Hospital in Jerusalem are Jewish, Muslim and Christian, each coming from a different background. Their interaction in the operating room and their friendship outside the hospital walls seem both incredible and very natural. The doctors talk about themselves in their home environment. The film also shows real doctors working in real operating rooms, during real surgeries, and the stories of two patients.

«Yello», King Yaw Soon

In this colorful and moving animated documentary, a woman takes us through her emotional process after a racist encounter at the airport, offering an honest look at fear and connection in an era marked by uncertainty.

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