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Lampa film festival announces a competition for short films that can surprise the world


The LAMPA International Film Festival Directorate announces the start of entries for the competitive selection of socially oriented short films, videos and social advertising in 2021.

Since 2014, the main idea and mission of the film festival is to form a system for promoting the ideas of an inclusive society, volunteerism and charity in the information space by means of cinematographic means of artistic expression.

Social media hits the mark, doesn't get bored or annoying if it offers something rather than just proclaims it - these are the qualities that the LAMPA festival's life-affirming competition works to the fullest extent.

In 2021, a number of new nominations will appear in the regulations of the film festival, reflecting the current trends of socially significant video content:

  • Social music video clip - social video clips accompanying a musical composition
  • Commercial social advertising - special nominations for business companies, whose products or services can create conditions for socially responsible behaviour.
  • Animated short film - short films on socially significant topics, made by means of animation.
The shortlisted films are eligible for special prizes:
  • 1+1 - prize for the promotion of best practices in the field of social inclusion;
  • Hero of Good Stories - a prize for media personalities (directors and actors of Russian and foreign cinematography), who took part in filming the competitive work of the Film Festival, actively promoting and developing the topic of social ministry and charity.
  • #ALLTOGETHER - award for positioning of social deeds and community initiatives during the COVID-19 pandemic
In 2021, the LAMPA Film Festival will, as always, surprise us with new formats and inspire us with 'living' stories, incredible twists of fate and brilliant heroes who change the world around them!

The 8th LAMPA International Film Festival will take place in Perm from 7-10 October. The awarding of the winners of nominations and special prizes will take place on October 10.

Detailed conditions for participation and acceptance of applications until 30 June 2021 on the official website!

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