| shortlist-2018 LAMPA
of socially oriented short films,
videos and social advertising




Ekaterina Ushkova
Russia, Uralskiy

The profession of teacher is a hard one: hyperactive pupils, stress, little salary. Maybe that’s why there is so few male teachers. For 30 years Vasiliy Chugainov has been working as a physical culture teacher in small village schools where he becomes not only a teacher but a mentor for his students. For the boys from his native village he made a skating rink with his own hands and found skates and uniforms. Now teenagers play hockey every evening. He buys hockey-sticks, pucks, tennis balls with his money.


Alexey Lavrenov
Russia, Samara

The film was produced within the project of setting up the 3D Inclusion audio-visual studio. The studio’s team consists of young people with special health needs and people without disabilities. Their Life Shots series tell about successful, passion-driven disabled people. Daniil Khachaturov’s story is the fourth in the series. Little Daniil cannot see almost from birth but, as an 11-year-old boy, he gets his first taste of success on stage thanks to his voice.


Raju Hittalamani
India, Mumbai

The film captures the situation of migrant laborers who end up as bonded laborers in the brick kilns of Punjab, India, where people mean nothing to others, they are treated extremely badly. The Volunteers for Social Justice organisation does everything to help this people, make them free and give them a better life.


Magda Rimolo
Brazil, Cotia

Through the work of the NGO ABEAC, which houses more than 1,000 dogs that were abandoned or subjected to maltreatment, the documentary creates a parallel between the work of its volunteers, through the mission for looking for responsible adopters, and the constant abandonment, raising questions about prejudice and human neglect.


Gulnur Kojobaeva
Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek

Kyrgyzstan. Chon-Kemin. Local residents have united to protect nature and wild animals from poachers. They are men of different ages, marital status and professions.




Anastasia Denisova
Russia, Moscow

Vitusha is homeless, he lives in the garbage dump. He wants to get to the Christmas Tree event on December, 31. Only a garbage truck driver agrees to lift him up. But the driver forgets the boy in the garbage section inside the vehicle and Vitusha gets to the event only in his last dream.


Philip Orlaynskiy
Russia, Moscow

The film is based on a dramatic story of the formative years of the Soviet power. This is a tragic story of a carpenter Ivan and how he collected money to pay for a temple. The film is based on true story, all characters are real, the text is reproduced almost word for word. The film is a reconstruction of events of New Martyr John Artyomov’s life in 1937.


Maria Polyakova
Russia, St. Petersburg

The plot of this film is based on communication with staff and inmates of a colony. In many aspects this is a documentary. This is a story of a boy who gets out soon and he wants to go back home to his family, to his mother, to his normal life…


Evelina Barseghyan
Russia, St. Petersburg

Running away from the police in the middle of the night, nothing can stop the robber to get away. The darkness of the night offers him shelter, but at dawn he must make the most difficult choice in his life: save a person’s life or escape from the police himself. The young man is choosing the first.


Abduazim Ilhomjonov
Uzbekistan, Tashkent

War. And not only on the front line, but also in the deep rear, in Uzbekistan. And for this war there is no difference who you are: a child, a disabled person or a woman. The most important thing is to save humanity. This is how you can defeat the death.


Ali Sadeghian
Iran, Tehran

Preparing a child for adulthood, teaching a child how to use dangerous weapons, for example a gun, adults must remember that a child still does not understand what irreparable consequences may be caused by the use of these weapons. Such a tragic incident is shown in the film "Hunt".




Alexander Kuzovkov
Russia, Omsk

On June 22, 1941 at 4 a.m…
Almost everybody knows these lines and remembers four long years of battles for the home and family. However, quite few of us realize how many people died those years and all those people did not have children. Entire generations were lost! We want to show you that war does not only take lives but erase future generations as well. (On June 22, 1941 at 4 a.m. without any declaration of war, after the artillery and aviation training, Germany and its allies started an offensive along the western frontier of USSR).


Hebun Polat
Turkey, Istanbul

This is the story of grandmother and granddaughter who are trying to improve their lives in the postwar period. For the umpteenth time they return to the destroyed houses to collect the surviving things and photographs. The objects found remind the old woman of a peaceful life, and the photographs preserve the memory of those people who died or were forced to leave their homes.


Can Yalman
Turkey, Istanbul

This is a story of a little girl who hopes to save the refugees who have gone to Europe. Everything that can keep on the water: balls, rubber ring, foam board - she throws into the water. The girl is looking far ahead with hope. However, her efforts have not being successful. Nothing would help the dead children.


Meinardas Valkevičius
Lithuania, Vilnius

Human activity does not always have a positive effect on our planet. The short animated film Look explores natural cycles of exchange between humans and animals. Dare to look and change the world.


Veronica Padilla
USA, Chicago

One in five people in the U.S. experiences a mental illness. But it's still considered a dark topic. We'd like to change that. What's dark is the stigma that disempowers people to get the help they need; people quietly suffering or worse—lives lost. We created these relatable animals with issues to lighten this heavy conversation. If we can smile and speak more openly about something that touches so many, we'd all be better for it.


Pouria Heidary Oureh
Iran, Tehran

A good heart of a child can bring a ray of sun to someone who needs it, someone who is waiting for the miracle. And then, someone’s life will become happier.


Ashraf Shishir
Bangladesh, Dhaka

An old man wants to tell a story to every passerby, but nobody is interested to hear that. Once, ADITYA, a school boy asks his teacher about the old man`s story. Then his teacher arranges a book. After reading the book, that boy comes to know that the old man is the hero of this book, where it is mentioned that he was a brave warrior in the liberation war and now mentally disabled after losing his family in the war. Aditya, the boy arranges a celebration and march-past for the old man at the next morning and asks him to tell the story.


Mahdi Kamrani
Iran, Tehran

This short film is made with love to people who help others. This film is made with love to dogs that make people’s lives better day by day. A dog is much more than just an animal.


Gianmarco D'Agostino
Italy, Impruneta

60 seconds to help Italian NGOs to build schools in southern Bangladesh where poor children cannot afford to go to public schools. And once the school is built, no obstacle can stop students from attending the classes.


Nic Bello
Italy, Milano

"We never know the worth of water till the well is dry."
Thomas Fuller
A boat lost with two thirsty seamen.


1+1 – a nomination devoted to the best practices in popularizing inclusion, social adaptation of physically disabled people, integration into society of vulnerable population groups, etc. :


Svetlana Druzhinina
Russia, Nizhny Novgorod

The video clip touches upon an important social issue, namely the socialization of people with disabilities. The main message of the video is that ‘there are no limits for a strong will’. This means that people can achieve success in career and art regardless of their physical limitations!


Danil Bolotov
Perm, Russia

This is a story of mother’s love and faith, a story of a special person who can live a full life and also help others. "I do good things because I like it, I do it not for the awards. When people feel good, I feel good too," a real volunteer Anton Mysliaev says.


Suat Oktay Senocak
Turkey, Osmangazi

Ugur is a passionate teacher. As his difficult profession is training disabled children, in the first year of this young man’s profession he crosses paths with an impossible to educate student Mercan. Everyone cuts the horn from Mercan, but he does not give up and this desperate student gets hope, makes him a living. But later on, a message from the phone alerts Uğur to indescribable anguish, changing the course of his life.


Aftab Abbasi
Pakistan, Islamabad

Playing 22 musical instruments, creating new instruments, teaching music and motoring around the city with a passionate love for life that inspires everyone around him. Niaz is a story of will, Passion, and zest for life that is truly motivational.


Hristina Belousova
Uzbekistan, Tashkent

This advertisement tells about special people who are searching for themselves in the creative world, where people with special needs have the opportunity to create at the level with professional actors, gaining confidence.


October 7-10

Russia, Perm