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Main character: Katura Halleday

“I really want to know what it’s like to live there, so I can go back and tell everyone”

In 2019, Jude Kalman’s filmwork – Australian director of documentary films – was sent to the LAMPA Film Festival.  The main character is Katura Halleday, she is 14 years old. She loves history and exact sciences; she draws and dreams of creating an app that will help poor regions and developing countries get all the help they need immediately.

At the same time, on the other side of the Indian ocean in the Republic of Mozambique, Katura’s peers live. Apart from the age, they have something else in common – they are bound by a desire for self-development and an unwillingness to live in a world where equal to each other people have unequal living conditions.

Young Katura found out a way to overcome this inequality. Thanks to her interest in art and selling her own paintings, she raised funds for the education of two students in high school in Mozambique, and later went there herself to meet them and support the programme of the Australian Christian ogranisation called Mission Educate.

“I struggled inside with the injustice: I have much more opportunities in life just because of my place of birth. I felt like I needed to do something” – Katura admits.

The Katura’s Story is an example of people who not only just “talk” about issues, but also “act” to solve them. They are an inspiration for people of different ages, races, and religions. This is a story about the limitless possibilities of a golden heart and what a good deed may do!

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October 7-10

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