| LAMPA festival LAMPA
of socially oriented short films,
videos and social advertising

LAMPA festival

LAMPA festival of short films, social video and advertising is being held annually since 2014 in the course of the “Volunteer of Russia” International Forum in Perm, Russia.

Nowadays it is the world’s only festival which is aimed at promoting social services, volunteering and charity.

A mix of creative efforts of amateur moviemakers and professional cinematographers discovers new civil society heroes, tells true stories about tackling social problems of local communities and inspires children and youth to take action!

More participants from different places take part in the Film festival each year.

For the last 2 years, NGOs, charities, amateur and professional motion picture studios, public interest groups, media and academia have submitted more than 500 competition entries.

The film festival becomes an annual forum for amateurs and professionals in the field of short films, promoting socially significant ideas in Russia and abroad.

2016 is announced as the Year of Russian Cinema. In that context, the importance of holding such festival this year is increasing. With due regard to the relevance of promoting unique social and cultural programs, which are aimed at developing public diplomacy at the international level, this year the organizing committee announces LAMPA as the International festival.

Call for applications for the I International festival of short films, social video and advertising LAMPA opens on June 15.

Become a part of a film festival that changes people’s lives!


October 7-10

Russia, Perm