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of socially oriented short films,
videos and social advertising

lampa_1Production of socially oriented films is one of the modern and promising areas in modern cinematography. It is an exciting and interactive format which may serve to be a lesson of good stories for the growing generations, it can help a person going through a choice of his lifetime to come to a decision, to transform the life of the whole cities, to bring new meanings, to identify new approaches to standard solutions to public concerns.


International Film Festival of socially oriented short films, videos and social advertising LAMPA has been held in Perm since 2014 in the framework of Perm International Forum of volunteers. Gradually, this unique event with a very warm name LAMPA organized by the volunteers has become popular both in Russia and abroad. Since 2016 the Film Festival has been awarded an international status.

LAMPA today is a globally recognized platform with the focus on social concerns and charity expressed by films. The life stories of the volunteers, real stories of real people transforming the world around them, timely help – these are only some themes which turned to become the storylines of the films being assessed by LAMPA jury. The Film Festival is a place which annually attracts both amateurs and professionals in the area of short film production who promote socially important ideas in Russia and in the world.

lampa_3The Festival welcomes the works from the professional and amateurish filmmakers, as well as from the applicants who made the first film with a camera in their life. Stories of real people who change the world around them are at the center of any film. Participants who eye witnessed or were involved into the stories presented the most touching films. Every scene is filled with life, every hero deserves to be respected. In their works the authors show important issues, including inequality reduction, preservation of the environment and planet’s ecosystems, promotion of civil initiatives. The authors also give their own understanding of the problems of the modern society.

lampa_4The Film Festival motivates non-profit organizations to take a camera and to shoot a film: about their routine work, about the true heroes of our time, to tell the community about the solutions to the social concerns in such a way that no mass media can do. Short filmed stories participating in the Film Festival attract the attention of a wide audience. This is the way non-profit organizations can tell the world about themselves, present their social project in an interactive format to promote their activity.

Film Festival Nominations can describe the volunteering and charity in different short film formats. Together with the traditional nominations, including “Short Film”, “Social video” and “Social advertising”, the Film Festival Organizing Committee promotes the idea of covering the most relevant topics within special thematic nominations:

  • "Special focus" – this nomination is for young filmmakers from 10 to 16 who can present their socially oriented works. Films directed by the children differ in their positive look on the concerns of the modern society.
  • "1+1" – this nomination is devoted to the best practices in making society aware of the inclusion as a phenomenon, social adaptation of people with special needs, integration of disadvantaged people, etc.

Today, Film Festival collection has more than 2000 works from 68 countries of the world. It is a unique film collection about people and organization transforming the world for the better to promote volunteering and charity in educational institutions, mass media, on television, etc.

Starting from 2018 the International Film Festival LAMPA consists of a number of events promoting volunteering and charity at different sites and for different people. LAMPA events are universal and relevant for all countries, today it is a set of social cultural events:

  • "Day of Kind Films" – it is the only day for the school students and their parents to watch socially oriented short films. The film-winners are shown in the education system in a particular country. The films are specifically chosen for the children.
  • "LAMPA" – memorable heroes of volunteering" – it is a series of educational events for the jury members and the experts of the International Film Festival LAMPA about the aspects of social cinematography. It is aimed to make social films more popular and to improve the professional level of young filmmakers.
  • Retrospective shows of the best entries from the International Film Festival LAMPA – it is about socially oriented short films, videos and social advertising on a big screen, the views of outstanding experts and jury members from the Film Festival. The films are divided into themes to be shown at different sites.

Film Festival LAMPA becomes one of the most distinguished platforms to promote kind stories and one of the major international events in volunteering.

Shine bright!

The Organizing Committee has received entries from more than 68 countries of the world.